This Amazing Group Is Helping Louisiana Flood Victims By Providing Them With Pads And Tampons

"We will do the leg work, so they can focus on caring for the people."

When a natural disaster strikes, there are many people left with nothing. No house. No car. No food. No clothing. Not even any toilet paper. It's difficult to imagine if you've never experienced the situation, but it is an unfortunate reality for the staggering number of people affected by the Louisiana floods right now.

There have been 30,000 rescued, and 60,000 people have reportedly registered for FEMA assistance. Plus, there are approximately 11,000 people in shelters, according to reports.

Times may be tough, but people are rallying to help the community in need. One amazing group called Simply the Basics is helping out female evacuees by providing them with essential everyday necessities.


They are providing pads and tampons to flood victims.

Food and shelter are extremely important for the flood evacuees, but so is having basic hygiene products. The San Francisco-based company is helping women displaced in Louisiana by sending over kits filed with tampons, pads, shampoo, and more to the shelters in the area.

Simply the Basics is contacting shelters in the Louisiana area to determine how many supplies are needed and the best way to deliver them. The organization's CEO and founder Meghan Freebeck told The Huffington Post

“We will do the leg work, so they can focus on caring for the people.”

Simply the Basics started in 2015 when Freebeck set up a donation drive of feminine hygiene products for homeless women in San Francisco. After 48 hours, the group had collected enough money and supplies to help all the women in need. However, the organization wrote on its Facebook page that it did not plan to respond to disasters this soon. 

"We did not plan to respond to disasters for another 2-3 years of operations, however the universe had other plans, and so we are jumping ahead to help support the people of Louisiana."

The post continues, "The floods have displaced over 20,000 people from there homes, 10,000+ of which are currently staying in shelters that are badly in need of support. We hope to provide hygiene kits for the families, soaps and shampoos for shelters, and other basic needs."

As of August 18, Simply the Basics is just over halfway to its goal of $550 which goes to providing hygiene kits. A $10 donation is enough to provide a complete kit for a family in need. 

Simply the Basics shows what a huge difference something that most of us take for granted every day makes. The organization also shows that a small donation can help those who have been impacted by the flooding have a bit of comfort and care in a time they desperately need it.

Click here to donate and to find out more information on how you can help Simply The Basics and the Louisiana flood victims.

(H/T: HelloGiggles)


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