He Wasn't Able To Ask Her Out For A Serious Reason. So He Did This Instead

Sticks and stones can't break our bones, but this story might.

How do you express love? 

Are all those tired phrases and loud proclamations really necessary? Or is it actions that count? 

We may have made an obvious case here, but just to be sure, check out this heartfelt story on how beautiful love can be, even when it's silent.


"Silent Love" was created by Italian production company Codcast. According to them, the project has no commercial purpose behind it. The film was instead a creative excercise to the team. They wanted to make something shocking, "a touching love story that would give new meaning to the word happiness."

Codcast shared their video with an inspiring call to action:

"Love needs courage to be lived to the fullest... So what are you waiting for?"

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