Sigourney Weaver's Yearbook Quote Is Great Motivation To Be Your Own Kind Of Person

All she needed was eight words.

This lady needs no introduction.


No matter if you're a sci-fi geek or total noob, there's little to no possibility that you wouldn't recognize Sigourney Weaver's face.

The three-time Academy Award nominee and winner of two Golden Globes, Weaver starred in internationally acclaimed movies such as Avatar, Ghostbusters, four Alien films, and has even lent her voice one of the characters in Wall-E.

What's even more fascinating about Ms. Weaver's career is that all her success was no fluke and her high school yearbook serves as a good testimony.

Weaver's yearbook quote proves that even at 18 years old, this woman already knew she didn't want to fit the mold.

The quote reads: "Please, God, please, don't let me be normal."

In eight simple words borrowed from the 1960 musical The Fantasticks, Weaver perfectly summarizes her aspiration for an adventurous life and shows great faith in being unique.

In today's world obsessed with conforming, belonging, and mirroring each other, her words really give some food for thought.

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