19 Signs That Prove Your Friends Should Just Start Calling You Mom

And everyone loves you for it.

Every friend group has one, and quite frankly, would be lost without one. The "mom" of the group is always there in times of need, often when you didn't even know you wanted help. They always come prepared, worried and ready to spring into action. 

Mom always knows best, after all. 


Here's how you know you're the mom of the group:

1. You never mind ending the night early... 

2. ... but you're always the one holding your friend's hair back when you don't. 

3. Your purse is filled with "just in case" items like Advil, tampons and Tide To Go pens. 

4. You're the first call your friends make for advice.

5. You tell your friends to text you when they get home.

6. You always have snacks.

7. You're the first person to whip out the hand sanitizer and you always share with the whole group. Obviously. 

8. You give the best pep talks.

9. You make sure to always tidy up before guests come over. 

10. You're the one everyone counts on to figure out how to split the bill. 

11. You're never late. 

12. You thrive in every crisis even if everyone else is freaking out.

13. You know how to get out any kind of stain from any kind of fabric. 

14. You're the only one who can be trusted to hold everyone's tickets for events. 

15. You make sure your friends are drinking water in between vodka Red Bulls. 

16. Your mediocre cooking is always praised as being beyond impressive.

17. You're the undisputed planner for every event and outing and everyone loves you for taking on the responsibility. 

18. You frequently check up on your friends whenever they're sick or going through a tough life event. 

19. You're totally comfortable in your own skin and take pride in always looking out for all your loved ones. 

So, here's to the moms of all the friend groups out there. We love you, we need you, we can't live without you.

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