5 Warning Signs Of Stress That You're Probably Ignoring, But Shouldn't

Look out for these signs.

It's entirely possible that you are totally stressed out and may not even know it. Some warning signs of stress go unnoticed — but that doesn't mean the stress itself isn't harmful. Stress has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, and a slew of other health problems.

Here are five lesser-known signs of stress that everyone should be aware of:


1. Memory loss

It's common for someone under a great deal of stress to experience memory problems. Stress can limit potential brain power and slow down recall.

2. Sleep complications

People suffering from excess stress will often report problems falling asleep at night and trouble staying asleep. This takes an even greater toll on your ability to think clearly and function normally.

3. Skin problems

Chronic stress can lead to a buildup of hives, rashes and acne. And these skin conditions might appear suddenly without any warning.

4. Mood swings

Prolonged stress can harm a person's mood and emotional well being. People with stress can appear agitated and nervous. Their energy levels might be inconsistent. To make matter worse, stress can also lead to sudden crying.

5. Changes in appetite

While there are numerous disorders that can lead to changes in appetite, it is a also a symptom of stress. People dealing with stress might change their eating habits, they might consume less food, or they might engage in binge eating. All of these sudden appetite changes can lead to digestive issues and a generally unhealthy diet.

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