23 Signs You And Your Significant Other's Souls Are Made Of The Same Thing

True love runs deep.

1. You have moments when you both see something hilarious and so you share a look, then laugh uncontrollably. And in those seconds you feel like you're with yourself.

2. You feel like you've known them your whole life, because you are both so comfortable around each other.

3. You share similar views on the most important things to the point that you're often in shock that a person so similar to you exists.

4. When you see them doing the smallest things — talking to the cat, cleaning, sleeping — you instantly become smitten.

5. Your heart-to-hearts are so deep you'd need the cast of 'Holes' to dig you both out.

6. When you watched or heard of the quote "you're my person" from "Gray's Anatomy," you immediately thought of them. Because they're definitely your person.


7. You both do something embarrassing (farting, falling) and instead of feeling embarrassment you just laugh over their reaction.

8. Both of you take turns sharing different interests, hobbies and family traditions with the other and love every minute of it.

9. You fantasize about the future regardless of how old you both are and don't feel ashamed.

10. You feel a sense of pride when you think of yourselves as a unit or team.

11. Talking to your pet in a baby voice together and pretending to be parents is fun, not weird.

12. You have TV shows that you equally obsess over.

13. When they're sad or upset, you're sad or upset that they're anything but happy.

14. Their problems feel like your own and you wish you could fix them.

15. You feel like if you were someone else (another guy or girl or the opposite sex), you'd definitely be just like them.

16. They're the person you trust whole-heartedly other than your immediate family.

17. When they act or do something that anyone else would judge them for, you smile, because you do the same odd things.

18. When a song comes on and you share a glance because you both know exactly what it means to each of you.

19. When they're just as kind to others as you are.

20. Just holding hands makes you feel safe.

21. You call them your best friend and it's not just in jest.

22. You know you'd be fine alone, but your life would so much emptier without them.

23. Sometimes, the love you feel for them is so great, your head spins every time you wonder how you found each other.


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