8 Signs He's About To Propose

He likes it, so he's going to put a ring on it.

The holidays are in full swing and with that, so are engagements. At least, that's what the countless Facebook engagement announcements around this time lead us to believe. 

In light of engagement season, here are a few signs that your significant other (described as "he" but could definitely be a "she") is ready to pop the question.


1. He's ignoring you or acting out-of-character

He knows what's to come and the surprise and planning could be getting to him. He's excited, but doesn't want to give anything away either. As long as you have trust in your relationship, weirdness on his part could lead to an engagement. 

2. They look at your wedding board on Pinterest or not-so-casually asked your ring size.

Pleasing someone with jewlery or a surprise even without having their input is scary. He's looking for hints!

3. He disappeared for an amount of time and his excuse didn't really add up.

This has "asked your family for permission" all over it.

4. He doesn't splurge on that PS4 or item that he normally would have.

Three words: saving, saving, saving. If you're the kind of girlfriend that wants a traditional ring, they aren't free.

5. He'll randomly tell you how much he loves you.

Because he's the one planning the proposal, he also has more time than you for the whole situation to sink in. He's telling you how excited he is, without actually telling you.

6. When you attend a wedding together he can't stop telling you how much he can't wait for his and yours.

The couple have pigs in a blanket at the cocktail hour and he mentions "for our wedding..." he wants to have sliders. It could be wishful thinking, or he could be seeing how you'll react to his enthusiam over a wedding.

7. He starts referring to the both of you as "we" way more often.

He's beginning to think of you as team and prepping for the future of becoming that "we."

8. He suggests a special trip or outing.

He's setting the stage, or he wants one last moment to spend time with you before taking the next step.

Bonus: Your mom can't be around the both of you without smiling and blinking back tears.

Oh, mom.


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