12 Signs Your Man Is A Ghost

...maybe he actually died?

In case you're wondering what the term "ghost" means: 

It's a verb you can use to describe your romantic interest's sudden disappearance into thin air without so much as an, "it's not you, it's me." 

Here are some signs your man is long gone. 


1.) Well it's been eight weeks since you've heard from him.

2.) Your texts get a "read receipt" but never a response.

3.) Likewise, your Facebook messages appear to have been "seen" and ignored.

4.) His email auto-reply says he’ll be "out of the country with no access to email or wifi” even though it’s 2015 and the crew of the Endeavor manages to tweet from outer space but he can’t find a strong enough signal in Toronto.

5.) He gets a face transplant.

It's actually possible, as you can see here

6.) He no longer “likes” any of your Instagram posts, but you can see he “liked” a bunch of pics that were uploaded around the same time as yours so you know he saw them. He just didn’t like them…

7.) You noticed that he liked some selfie of Instagram user “tiffanyfiedler” from 47 weeks ago. Who the hell is Tiffany? She’s your dude’s new bae, that’s who the hell she is.

8.) When you texted him saying “just got tix to the big game any interest in coming with?” he suddenly came back to life — just for a very brief moment.

9.) He Uploaded Pictures To His Own Facebook Page In Which He Is Shamelessly Making Out With A Bunch Of Random Girls.

10.) You see him on Tinder and it is NOT a match.

11.) You run into him at the dry cleaner and he says, “Oh yeah I’ve been so busy.” But he somehow had plenty of time to go to the dry cleaner, which is a place people only go when they have loads of time on their hands.

12.) He ACTUALLY died and you were too busy feeling rejected to even notice.


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