9 'Signs' You've Found The Person You Should Marry

Tell-tale signs they're "the one."

Whether you're in a long-term or brand-new relationship, there are things your significant other does that make you fall head over heels. Sometimes, however, they also do or say things that make you roll your eyes or give them the death stare. Those strange quirks are the things that make that person exciting and perfect for you — no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Sarah Cooper of The Cooper Review, and certified married person, has illustrated a few of these positive "deal breakers" that clarify if your significant other is "The one."

"There are many wonderful things about being married, although I can't think of any right now," Cooper wrote in the original post. "However, having a successful marriage has its benefits, such as coming home to the love of your life, and giving advice to unmarried people who don't want it."

So that's what she did. From honest "compliments" to their sometimes unnecessary honesty, here's Cooper's ways to tell your love is the perfect person to spend eternity with.


These images originally appeared on The Cooper Review. Follow The Cooper Review on Facebook.


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