Fraternity Proves That Not All Frats Have Horribly Sexist Signs By Putting These Up Instead

The true frat stars.

Fraternities have reputations for being beer-guzzling, oftentimes racist "bros," but recent signs spotted on the front doors and exteriors of frat houses demeaning women (and telling dads to drop their daughters off there) have solidified that "misogynist" stereotype as well. 

In particular, two chapters of the national fraternity Sigma Nu have come under fire for signs that said things like "Hope Your Baby Girl Is Ready For A Good Time ...." Not a good look considering the staggering amount of rapes that happen on college campuses

The Sigma Nu, Iota Beta chapter at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, Va., were none too pleased with their brothers' statements. So they came up with new signs to display. 


And they're totally awesome.

"In response to current events the Iota Beta chapter has made its own signs in defense of the values of our great fraternity," the group wrote on its Facebook page. 

The signs read "Rowdy and Fun? Nah Respect and Fidelity" and "Honor Sigma Nu and Equality."

Great work, gentlemen. 

A Plus has reach out to the men for comments and will update the story if received. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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