Watch Siblings Swap Phones To Try To Get Each Other Dates

"I'm going to text this guy 'Are your pants on sale? Because I want them 100% off.' "

In a recent video, Elite Daily wanted to see if siblings could help each other take a romantic relationship to the next level. So they asked a few pairs to swap phones and try to score their brother or sister a hot date. 

It's obvious that all the siblings involved in this little social experiment are very close. They know each other's types and some even know how many people their sibling has slept with. 

"My sister Gigi claims she's only slept with 25 people, but I'm pretty sure 25 was her number like three years ago," one brother says in the video.  

While we're positive they want nothing more than to see their siblings in a happy relationship, none of these siblings were going to pass up the opportunity to mess with them a little. Or make a ridiculous innuendo. 

"I'm coming back from Cuba soon. I'll smoke your cigar then," one sister texts for her sibling. 

Siblings may be the only people you can truly forgive for ruining a potential relationship. 

Once one brother finds out his sister was matched with a cop. He sends him a message saying, "Did I ever tell you that I enjoy being handcuffed to the bed? When we go out Friday, I would like to see your nightstick." 

But don't worry, she gets him back tenfold.  


See how in the video below:


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