13 Kids' Glorious, And Sometimes Hilarious, Reactions To Finding Out They're Getting A New Sibling

Lots of tears of joy happening here.

Pregnancy announcements can cause feelings of happiness, shock, sheer joy, or all of the above. We've seen tender pregnancy reveals between husband and wives and partners and their parents, but kids often have some of the best reactions to finding out they're going to be an older brother or sister.  

Below are just a few of our favorites. 


1. This big sister who couldn't contain her tears of joy after finding out "Mama's got a baby in her belly."

Anthony and Alicia Capello surprised their kids, 5-year-old Nicholas and 13-year-old Alexis, with the news they were having a baby by wrapping up baby toys and T-shirts with the words "Biggest 2003," "Middlest 2012," and "Littlest 2018." When Alexis saw the shirts, she began to cry, then ran to embrace her mom.

2. This older brother who was not happy his mom was having twins. Not one bit.

dad showed his three sons a photo of their mom's ultrasound and explained there were two new babies coming into the family. The eldest brother began to cry and said, "Great! More twins that I can't tell apart!" One toddler twin seemed OK with the situation while the other one didn't believe it was true. When their mom said the twins could sleep in their rooms, the poor eldest boy became even more upset.

3. These twin girls who weren't sure whether they wanted a new baby in the house, especially a brother.

When twin sisters Ava and Alexis McClure found out their mom was having a baby, they had a lot of questions. Their mom recorded their reactions and all of the questions they had about their new sibling including, "Why's he not watching TV?" in the ultrasound photo. While they weren't quite sure about all of the logistics, the thing that was clear was that they don't really want a brother.

4. This 6-year-old who broke down when he found out he's finally going to be a big brother.

Jake Dooley was hoping to have a sibling. So, when his mom got pregnant, she gave him a series of cue cards explaining the situation and a T-shirt that read, "This guy is going to be a big brother." When Jake finished reading everything, he hugged his mom and broke down in tears. When his parents asked if he was happy, he nodded and continued to cry.

5. This little boy who was "exasperated" by his mom's announcement.

Mom Shanee Gibson Hart told her son, Tre, and her daughter, Amaya, that she was expecting as she filmed them in the car. Things probably didn't turn out as she expected because Tre broke down and said "What were you thinking? You just had two!" He also called the entire situation "exasperating." When his mom tried to explain the situation, Tre repeated, "This makes no sense."

He even demanded his mother "buy him some earplugs" to prepare for all the crying he'd have to deal with. Gawd. 

6. This sister who wasn't happy about the results of the gender reveal of her new sibling.

Shaun and Heidi Guerard chose to reveal their third child's gender to their two girls, Giuliana and Grace, with colored icing inside a cupcake. The parents filmed the girls opening the cupcakes, but Grace didn't want to open hers. Giuliana opened hers to reveal blue icing. Grace continued to lick her whole cupcake. When she finally opened it, she became upset with the blue icing. She responded, "Oh no, I wanted pink."

7. This boy who was uncertain about a new baby joining the family.

A dad showed his young son a photo of his mom's sonograms to reveal another baby was on the way. When he asked his son how he felt about it, his son responded that he was "undecided."

8. This 5-year-old who didn't believe there's a baby in his mama's belly "right now."

Sarah Brombly gave her 5-year-old son photos of her sonogram when she told him she was pregnant. He becomes very excited and asked if the baby is really in her belly. After looking at her belly a few times, the toddler became concerned that the baby would have to sleep in his bed.

9. This brother and sister who were thrilled to find out the gender of their twin siblings.

Mom Abby Smith put balloons in two different boxes to reveal the genders of her twins. When the older siblings opened the box to reveal each baby's gender, they began jumping excitedly. 

10. This daughter who laughed at her parent's baby presents until she realized they were part of a pregnancy announcement.

To surprise their three kids with news they had a baby on the way, these parents wrapped up baby clothes. When the kids opened the presents, they thought they were joke gifts and one girl started laughing hysterically. Then their mom revealed she was in fact pregnant and asked her other daughter to hold up the onesie they gave her. It read "Baby Due Jan 2017." All three siblings were slightly shocked, but still smiling. Then they got up to hug their mom.

11. This boy who surprised his family with the new baby announcement, but didn't quite understand it himself.

Joel Peterson's son, Ashton, came into a family gathering wearing a "Big Brother" T-shirt. When he showed it off to the other family members, they realized his mom was pregnant and began congratulating her. However, Ashton didn't realize what his top meant at first, but then his dad explained.  

12. This girl who broke down in happy tears when she realized her family was getting a new baby.

A couple tried for two years to get pregnant. When they finally did, they surprised their two daughters with a cake that read, "We're having twins." Their oldest daughter realized what was happening immediately and started crying happy tears. But the youngest, Ella, needed a bit of help understanding the situation.

13. This sister-to-be who did a dance in response to her mom's pregnancy announcement.

A mom surprised her son and daughter with T-shirts that read "big brother" and "big sister" as part of her pregnancy reveal. When they opened the shirts and looked at the sonogram photos, the daughter began to jump and dance around. Her brother went to touch the mom's belly then hugged her.


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