Siblings Answer Personal Questions Or Take A Shot. Their Choices Reveal A Lot About Sibling Relationships.

"Do you guys love me?"

Cut Video is back with another installment in their Truth or Drink series — and this time it's siblings asking each other uncomfortable questions. 

If you've never seen the series or played the game yourself, the rules are pretty simple: Each participant takes turns asking questions, and the other person either has to answer the question or take a shot. 

In the past, we watched as Cut Video got exes, parents and kids, and even complete strangers to play the game. Normally, things can get pretty awkward and uncomfortable between the participants, but this one was a little different. 

The questions were certainly personal in nature, but, for the most part, these siblings had no problem answering them in front of each other. Their ability to be open and honest without thinking twice about it just goes to show how strong the bond is between siblings. They won't judge you, stop loving you, or think differently about you when you admit some of the most personal details about your relationships. 

And they all remind each other of these things by the end of the video.

Check it out below. But, first, we should probably warn you that some of the language in it is not safe for work. 



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