Siblings Design Surprise Tattoos For Each Other, Proving Family Knows Best

Would you ever do this?

Would you trust your brother or sister to pick out your next tattoo?

In a new video for BuzzFeed, siblings design surprise tattoos for one another without seeing the tats until after getting them inked on. 

At the start of the video, one participant named Ben admits the only reason he doesn't already have a tattoo is that he can't decide what he wants.

"Problem solved," his sister Melissa says. "Just take that out of the equation. I pick something for you, everyone wins."

"Unless it's awful," Ben adds. 


With that, Melissa and Ben meet with a tattoo artist to talk through their designs, taking into consideration what they think the other sibling would appreciate.

Ben's design for Melissa is inspired by their unique family connection, which they've nicknamed a "flavor wavelength," while Melissa chooses a full-moon tattoo for her brother. 

"A lot of people kind of believe that the full moon definitely has a real impact on the world around us," Melissa says. "He is a pretty big believer in this. Whenever I see a big moon in the sky, I'll immediately text him."

Once the tattoos are complete, the siblings get their first glimpse at their new ink. And, thankfully, their reactions are all positive. 

The video proves that while allowing someone else to design a tattoo for you, sharing the experience with a sibling can make the tattoo that much more meaningful as you wear it with you for the rest of your life.

Be sure to check out the full video below, which also features a second set of sisters and their experience, too:


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