29 Matching Tattoos Perfect For Siblings Who Also Happen To Be Best Friends

From fingerprints to pop culture references.

For some families, there is no better friend than a sibling. Sure, you might have disagreements at times or had periods of your life where you weren't as close as you wish. But when it comes down to it, the connection you have with your siblings is one unlike any other. They're the people who really understand what you've been through because they were there for all of it. The people you know you can go to for honest advice. The people whose shoulder you cry on when things get tough, but also the people you call when you've got the best news to share. 

You never have to be anything but yourself around them because no matter how weird, or dramatic, or sarcastic you are, they will still love you. When you have a strong bond with your brother or sister (or both!), you know just how special it is to have their love and support. 

So, why not acknowledge that bond and make it even more powerful with some meaningful permanent ink


Lots of siblings are showing just how much they appreciate that special relationship by doing something a little bit painful and a lotta bit permanent. They're getting matching tattoos — and sharing them on Instagram. 

From heart-shaped tattoos designed by connecting their fingerprints, to complementary ink that depicts a pair of their favorite pop culture characters, these permanent pieces of artwork mean so much more than meets the eye. 

So, for siblings who want to show their brother or sister how much they care by getting matching tattoos, here is some inkspiration.

1. Heart-shaped fingerprints.

2. Mountains.

3. Dixie Kong and Donkey Kong.

4. Just a call away.

5. "To infinity and beyond."

6. Dinosaurs.

7. Swinging sisters.

8. Trilogy.

9. Space.

10. Bart and Lisa.

11. "You will never walk alone."

12. A sibling's heartbeat.

13. A full deck.

14. "Love in spite of everything."

15. Birth order.

16. Bunk beds.

17. Hometown skyline.

18. CatDog.

19. Tiny elephants.

20. "Adventure Time."

21. Home.

22. Braided together.

23. Tom and Jerry.

24. DNA.

25. Multiplayer.

26. Lightning bolt.

27. Peanut butter and jelly.

28. Connected hearts.

29. Roman numerals.


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