6 Perfect Sibling Outfits To Wear For Easter And All Season Long

Lookin' good.

With Easter Sunday approaching, we thought everyone could use a little fashion guide for dressing up with your family and siblings.

That's why we've created six different looks that brothers and sisters can wear for multiple Easter occasions that aren't too over the top matchy-matchy, but will still initiate a little sibling bonding. 

Because if you're going to dress up together, you might as well do so in a way that shows off your special sibling relationship. And if you don't want to take getting dressed up so seriously, at least you can spend time together shopping for the outfits, showing them off to your aunts and uncles, and snapping some mantle-worthy photos for your parents' house. 

From pastel ensembles, to casual denim looks, check out these family-style looks you'll be proud to wear this holiday. 


1. Sister, sister

Go pastel for Easter and spring with these first two sister-sister looks. We've chosen pink, white, and blue pieces that will make you look like the holiday's chicest pair. 

2. Sister, brother

For a casual Easter brunch, try out these denim-focused brother and sister looks, featuring a long oversized button down, a denim shirt, and comfortable sneakers.

3. Brother, brother

Show off your brotherly love in these neutral, pastel shirts with leather shoes and trendy accessories.

And since these outfits stick to the same color themes, feel free to mix them up or add them together to suit your family's needs.

Happy Easter, and, happy spring, too! 


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