Watch This Weather Woman Share The Forecast With As Many 'Harry Potter' Puns As She Can Think Of

"In between some of those sunny spells, a few showers will Slytherin."

U.K. weather reporter Sian Welby previously impressed us with her weather report that featured 20 Superman and Batman references. She's become well-known for inserting pop culture references into her weather forecasts. From Back to the Future to Star Wars, she seems to come up with puns effortlessly.

London's radio show Capital Breakfast decided to put her to the test. They asked her to give them a weather report that would appease Harry Potter fans everywhere.

Welby did not disappoint. She thought of several and inserted them into her speech seamlessly. 

"Time to Quidditch that winter coat and embrace the good weather. However, with all the heat at the moment, it doesn't take a philosopher to predict that in between some other sunny spells, a few showers will Slytherin," Welby said with the Harry Potter score playing in the background. "Now I'm afraid to say the weather has been quite Weasley this week, but don't get in a Hufflepuff about it. It's just the strange time of year."

The Capital Breakfast crew couldn't get enough. "I'm so sorry. Every time you said anything funny, I just waved my arms in the air," presenter Lilah Parsons said. 

Check out the rest of Welby's Harry Potter weather report in the video below: 


(H/T: Today


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