Some Guy Keeps Getting Kicked Out Of Ikea For Performing The Sia 'Chandelier' Dance

Ikea just inspires so much passion.

If you've seen Sia's "Chandelier" music video, featuring Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms, then you know it's begging for parodies. 

And boy, did the people of the Internet deliver: 


Thank you to dancer Scott Nelson and filmmaker Ryan James Yezak for giving us the Sia "Chandelier" holiday parody we never knew we always wanted. 

Nelson's energetic movements, and intense expressions and blonde wig are pretty much exactly like the original music video -- like an interpretive dance describing the story of a lone shopper, too overwhelmed by the choices and fabulous deals of Ikea to make a buying decision. Nelson then completely loses his sh*& and just has to dance it out. Shoppers look on, totally and utterly confused.

Fine. Nelson's video is actually nothing like the original music video, which you can see here for a basis of comparison: 

Nelson's holiday rendition for the win! 

(H/T: Bustle) 

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