Paparazzi Threatened To Release Sia’s Nude Photo. So She Took Control Of The Situation.

“Save your money.”

Warning: This post contains nudity.

Word to the wise: do not come for Sia. The Australian singer proved just how tough as nails she is after finding out paparazzi were trying to sell nude photos of her.


"Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free," she wrote on Twitter and Instagram, including a blurry image of her from behind. Better yet, the post ended with a direct reference — the title, to be specific — to the holiday album she is set to release on Nov. 17: "Everyday is Christmas!"

The image itself — in addition to showing Sia nude — is indicative of the fact that it was taken without her knowing at a moment when she was completely vulnerable. Text over the photo promises the potential buyer that the images would be unblurred and they would receive 14 more in addition to this one. The seller, according to the watermark credit, is FameFlyNet. It is unknown if these are the paparazzi who took the snapshots or are just the ones selling them.

For those who follow Sia, they might be surprised to see this because the 41-year-old is usually fiercely private and strays away from putting herself in the spotlight — usually with the help of face-covering wigs. This move, though, is a clear response to paparazzi invading someone's personal life saying she won't let it happen and is taking things into her own hands. We applaud Sia for showing she is brave enough to fight back, and not let others victimize and objectify her.

Other celebrities — Scott Hoying (from Pentatonix and Superfruit), Sara Bareilles, and Marina Diamandis (from Marina and The Diamonds) — agree:

In addition to that support, Sia is also getting a lot of love from fans. Some are calling her "legend," "queen," "goddess," and "savage," while some are expressing their excitement by saying "SIA I'M SCREAMING" or — and this one sums everything up pretty nicely — "sorry you had to do this, but you go girl for owning yourself."

(H/T: People)

Cover image via Sia / Facebook


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