10 Of The Most Creative Uses Of A Shopping Cart

More than a cart on wheels.

Some people look at a shopping cart and see… just a plain old shopping cart. But creative types might see something that goes beyond the typical conventions of a basket on wheels. Through their innovation, they can turn this ordinary object into anything from a throne to a parade float to a carnival ride. 

Some of their ideas are funny, some are crafty, but all are genius


1. This is easier to assemble than an IKEA chair.

2. A throne fit for a grocery store queen.

3. A barrier of shopping carts to protect your car from getting hit by other shopping carts.

4. All that is missing from this awesome ride is a helmet.

5. No expensive tolls required for this sturdyish bridge.

6. This is so authentic, they might let you race it during the Kentucky Derby.

7. This is how the cool kids use the escalator.

8. A parade float worthy of Miss America... or at least these two guys.

9. A fun ride without the long line.

10. Here's how to make life easier for teachers.

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