This 60-Year-Old Performs One Last Hip-Hop Routine Before She Retires And It's An Absolute Bang

Just watch and learn, kids.

Just last month, a Belgian elderly lady dancing to a beatbox performer's tune right in the streets of Brussels took the Internet by storm. 

Well, judging by the video below, she now has some serious competition across the pond. 


Meet 60-year-old Shirley Clements.

Clements is a Canadian high school dance teacher and will be retiring later this year. Just watch and learn, kids. Because this lady decided to go out with a bang. 

The hip-hop routine she is seen performing in the video below with a bunch of her students was shot during the annual Outbreak Dance Competition. The same competition Clements started 19 years ago as an attempt to promote breakdancing. 

"Someone had said to me… that maybe you shouldn't do the dance because people don't know who you are," Clements told Global News. "And I thought 'well that's it then. If I do this, they won't forget'."

 Those head spins left us speechless. 

Watch the entire video below.


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