This Texting Messaging Service Wants To Boost Your Confidence With Daily Blasts

"Through Shine, we help normalize the daily human struggles we all face."

On some mornings (and basically every Monday), we can use all the motivation we can get. Luckily, we've got just the thing to add to your arsenal of encouragement. This startup hopes to help you out, in the form of an inspirational text message. 

Shine is a free text messaging service that will send your phone some relatable sentiments each morning to help you live your best life with intention and self-compassion. It'll blast you with actionable tips and inspiring words to help boost your confidence, happiness, and productivity. The messages often include a GIF, quote, or pop culture reference and are sent at 8:15 a.m. based on the user's time zone.

On a day when you're not exactly feeling yourself, Shine might send you the perfect pick-me-up. "When you get into the binge thinking loop of 'I'm not good enough' (v normal by the way), recall a past achievement," one of their messages says.


Co-founders Naomi Hirabayashi, 33, and Marah Lidey, 27, started Shine as a side hustle while working at, but left in 2016 to pursue the project full time. 

"We met working together over six years ago and instantly became close friends," the co-founders told A Plus in an email. "Through our friendship, we leaned on each other to work through personal and professional milestones. We realized how lucky we were to find a constructive, collaborative peer-based support system for our daily well-being that was both personal and professional, and quickly saw that nothing like that existed at scale." 

Being the ambitious entrepreneurs that they are, the pair decided to take the leap and create it themselves. 

"We started this company not because we wanted to 'work for ourselves' or because 'we always knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs.' We started it because we spotted a problem, no one was solving it in the right way, and we knew we were the best people for the job," they said. 

"Through Shine, we help normalize the daily human struggles we all face. For example, 'Am I doing a good job?' 'How can I prevent burnout?' 'Am I speaking up for myself enough?' 'How can I make sure to take care of myself first?'" the co-founders said. "[We] help people start their day with intentionality to feel their best selves, to balance their big, aspirational, and meaningful lives." 

Shine is aimed at millennials and the language the texts uses often feels like it's coming from a friend who's helping to amp you up to have a day worth smiling about. 

Hirabayashi and Lidey hope to change the way people think about wellness and make it more accessible. 

"Our generation is on the forefront of driving demand for a more accessible solution; we want a service that keeps up with our well-being at the frequency in which we think about our own health and wellness — all the time," they said. "We want a service that's personalized, on the go, and sounds like a friend, not a 'top down' guru that doesn't get our world or our day-to-day hustle. Shine will break barriers by democratizing wellness."

As co-founders, co-CEOs, and two women of color, Lidey and Hirabayashi have some wise words for girls and young women who aspire to be entrepreneurs someday.  

"Don't rely on traditional versions of leadership to validate that you deserve to run a company — go for that promotion or launch a side project. Actively search for examples of leadership that inspire *you* specifically, be it in another person's style, personality, race, gender or background," they said.

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