Shia LaBeouf Proves He Can Probably Do Anything With Epic Two Minute Rap

Let us get that tape Shia!

In this week's episode of "What Can't Shia LeBeouf Do?" the versatile actor dropped some incredible bars.


We already knew LeBeouf is one of the more in-depth thinkers of our time, but we had no idea that LeBeouf was packin' this kind of heat! 

He might not have Jay Z's flow from "The Black Album," but damn, Shia, if you thought about doing this full time, we'd listen to that mixtape for sure! 

There are certainly moments in there where he links it together and leaves you going, "Where'd you get that!?" 

Who needs a motivational speech when you can drop lines like that. That's motivation enough.

Check out the next page to see Shia drop some serious bars!

You have to admit that after everything we've seen him capable of in the past few years, rapping wasn't something that was at the top of the list. 

Luckily for us, the cameras were rolling and we were treated to quite a mastery of words, metaphors and tenacity. 

In fact, this might have some rappers running back to the lab like...

Watch this sorcerer of wordplay get at it below!

Update: LaBeouf may have actually borrowed some lines from a 1999 song by rap collective Anomolies.


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