She Opened The Door To Find 25 Handmade Hijabi Dolls From A 'Wonderful' Stranger

"Some gestures touch you deep into your soul. This was one of those for me."

It's not often we receive a special surprise on our front door steps, especially one from a thoughtful stranger. But one woman named Sheza Hasan was pleasantly surprised when she found a box of 25 handmade hijab-wearing dolls left on her front porch. Accompanying the box was a tender note from the anonymous donor. 


The note and photo of the dolls was posted on Hasan's Instagram page and the Love What Matters' Facebook page

"Dear Sheza, I noticed that dolls with hijabs seem to be hard to find, so I made 25 simple ones. Not being part of the Muslim community myself, I'm not sure who to give them to, but I thought you might. Just to note, they come from a house with cats. Also, because they are handmade, they should be checked from time to time for seam tears. (I'm paranoid.) Thank you for all you do, and for being the wonderful person that you are."

The note was left unsigned, but the message leads people to believe that the donor is someone who knows Hasan. 

In the post, Hasan explains, "This warmed my heart and reminded me that there are ALWAYS more good people out there than the other kind."

She added, "Some gestures touch you deep into your soul. This was one of those for me. For someone to recognize me, my religion, and to give us agency herein. I felt acknowledged. And accepted. And welcomed."

In closing, the mom from Ontario, Canada thanked the kind donor and wrote, "When being ourselves — a seemingly simple idea — seems like the toughest thing to accomplish, gestures like this reach out to us and provide the strength we need to carry on."

The post is going viral with it being shared across social media.

Hasan told CBC News that she will likely donate the hijabi dolls to a classroom or library where they can give the Muslim community more visibility.

She explained, "I'd like for them to reach a lot of kids. Even if a lot of kids can't play with it, as long as they can see it in a public sphere — where they can see a doll representing them, something they can identify with. That's the plan."


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