Sheryl Sandberg Says Find A 'Good Guy' To Date, Emphasizing The Value Of Mutual Support

"Ask the person if he is one of these 'good guys.'"

When it comes to advice on how to achieve work/life balance, dealing with grief, asking for help, "leaning in," and being assertive at the office, Sheryl Sandberg is the expert. And now the life advice guru is sharing her thoughts on dating and relationships. 

During an interview with the Financial Times, the Facebook chief operating officer was asked what kind of people are best to date. 


"The guys who want an equal relationship," Sandberg said. "Guys who want to support your career."

According to Sandberg, these are the "good guys" who will make the best life partners. 

Her simple, yet powerful, answer reminds us of the importance of mutual support in all relationships, romantic and otherwise. 

And the secret to finding these "good guys"? Simply ask.

The key is to never be afraid to ask a person early on what they want out of a relationship. "Ask the person if he is one of these 'good guys' ... You ask, and you ask early, and you are not afraid of offending. If they're going to be offended by the answer, you don't want to date them anyway."

This simple, direct advice could be applied to both men and women, and is something that will hopefully bring people together in support of one another. 

Cover image via  Krista Kennell I Shutterstock

(H/T: Business Insider


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