Why Is This Guy So Ecstatic Over A Bathroom? Oh, That's Why

We can all rest easy now.

One lucky man on a road trip stumbled upon the hidden gem of America -- a random Shell gas station with THIS: 


It might be the only case in which someone is allowed to be ecstatic over a bathroom. 

As lucky gas station-goer Jason Godfrey reveals in the video above, the room is far from what you'd expect to find at a run-of-the-mill rest stop. It seems much more suited for a hotel.

"This toilet is better than my room," says Godrey. "It's better than my whole apartment, actually." 

Apparently, the room even smells super menthol-y, leaving nothing to be desired.

Now, where exactly is this mystery Shell station with the mother of all gas station bathrooms? The location is undisclosed, so you'll just have to travel all across America to try out every Shell station bathroom you can find. 

Good luck with that. We'll just be over here waiting, and cringing. 

(H/T: Viral Viral Videos)

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