This Suitcase Transforms Into A Dresser — And It's A Good Enough Reason To Pack Our Bags

It basically eliminates any reason to unpack.

Unless there's someone shoving an absurd amount of stuff into a suitcase, you're probably not that excited about luggage. And who could blame you? Nobody wants to spend time playing packing Tetris to make everything fit, only to have to unpack once you reach your destination, and then pack again to go to the next place. Pack, unpack pack, unpack ... Oh, the humanity! 

OK, so your suitcase woes may not be that bad, but it's always nice to have some kind of life hack to make things like travel easier. That's why we were way too excited when we found the answer to all our packing problems. 

It's called the .... wait for it .... wait for it ... 

The ShelfPack Suitcase.

The ShelfPack Suitcase basically eliminates any reason to unpack. Each one of these rolling suitcases has four built in shelves that help to organize all your stuff and ensure you won't have to dig through the case to find what you need. It also has three spacious outer pockets for extra storage. 

Yes, it is a suitcase that basically turns into a portable dresser — the adult version of a Transformer action figure. 


This magical suitcase was thought up by software engineer Ken McKaba. "I dreamed up the ShelfPack while I was on a long business trip, digging through my luggage day after day. I envisioned shelves to make my gear easier to see and get at," he wrote on ShelfPack's website

And now his dream is our reality. 

We definitely don't need this thing, but it might help us enjoy our vacations a little more by reducing the chores that are packing and unpacking. Plus, by our standards, a new piece of luggage is a good enough reason to book a trip. So, we'll take it.

(H/T: Refinery29


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