Creative Woman Tricks Everyone By Wrapping Her Gifts To Look Like Grocery Store Items

Santa's little helper.

We're not sure about you, but we already feel the winter holidays in our fingers and toes. 

Cities slowly drown in the sea of Christmas lights, stores line up their holiday decorations along with the best deals, speakers blast "Jingle Bells," and it's impossible to fight the warm, fuzzy feeling that overtakes you when your nose catches a distant fragment of mulled wine.

However, all that serenity is often interrupted by one tiny detail — gift shopping.

Everyone wants their gift to be special and exciting. And while we can only guess what kind of present will give your loved ones all the feels, we can definitely state that creative packaging helps to achieve that.

Here's an amazing example:


Take a close look at this bundle of groceries. Notice anything peculiar?

Looks like a bunch of everyday essentials. There's butter, cheese, ham, salmon, a box of doughnuts .. but the reality is much different.

Created by California-based graphic designer Sheila Wong, all of these pieces are actually gifts skillfully wrapped to look like grocery store items. Wong says she always tries to find new ways to surprise her friends and family with unexpected holiday gift presentations.

"My usual approach is to make it look super mundane and out of place among gifts," she writes in her Reddit thread.

This is how a book turns into a box of Hershey's milk chocolate.

Check out more examples below!

For those who'd like to follow Wong's creative approach and make their own grocery-like gift wrap, here's a link to her designs. Download, print it, slay the Secret Santa game this year! 

(H/T: Zannrael via Reddit)


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