She Quit Her Job As A Kindergarten Teacher And Now Makes Six Figures Twerking Full Time

Twerking for a living

22-year-old Jessica Vanessa was a kindergarten teacher struggling to pay off her student loans.


Then one day she decided to shake things up. She quit her job to focus on becoming the world's greatest twerker. She posted videos of herself twerking online and soon became an internet sensation.

Her skills have won her over 2 million social media fans and an income in the six-figure range.

"What I make in 6 seconds would take me like 4 months to make as a pre-k teacher," she says on her video. "I bought a new car, paid it off in full, and I was able to get out of debt."

"When I was younger I was very shy, I didn't like dancing in front of anybody," she says. "I didn't talk unless I was spoken to."

But when she hit her teens, her wild side came out. "Everybody in high-school knew me as like the party girl."

And now she's turned her passion into a lucrative profession.

But it hasn't all been roses. A number of people have lashed out at her for the provocative nature of her dancing. "I do get plenty of comments, rude comments," she says. "I've had two breakdowns."

Fortunately, her family is very supportive. "When it comes to my twerking they're very open-minded people," she says. In fact, her brother Joshua is her camera man.

And she still finds time to teach. Here she is hosting a "twerk out" class in Miami

Twerking to Wale

Watch a full video about Jessica's life here.

And be sure to visit Vanessa's Vine page, where she posts all of her twerking footage, along with other tidbits from her colorful life. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram. published an interview with Jessica yesterday that goes into greater detail about her life and claims to clear up some misconceptions about her that have been circulating around the web. You can read it here.

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