This Is What This TV Presenter Looks Like Without Makeup

"I feel like the real me, instead of a painted doll."

Australian journalist Tracey Spicer has been working in television for 30 years. After three decades in the business, Spicer has a very clear understanding of what's expected for women on (and off) screen: a flawless appearance made possible by applying a mask of heavy makeup.


In an op-ed this week for news site Daily Life, the TV presenter removed the mask for the public and posed naturally, her skin bare of makeup and her hair minimally prepared. It was a brave move for someone in an industry so focused on pristine appearances.

Spicer says she began "deconstructing the beauty myth" a year ago when her seven-year-old daughter asked her why women apply makeup and men don't.

"'Darling, society has unrealistic expectations about the way women look," she says she replied. "'It's not fair. But I'm going to do everything I can, in my own small way, to change that. Always remember: you're beautiful just the way you are.'"

She's kept her word, gradually weaning herself off the bevy of beauty products she used daily and giving a TEDx talk about the things we lose when we're too focused on our appearances.

She notes in her op-ed that colleagues have reacted strangely to her occasionally frizzy hair and makeup-less face, and a friend was apparently aghast that she has stopped shaving her armpits. But, she says, she "couldn't be happier" to have made the change. By freeing herself of society's unrealistic expectations, she's also freed up her mornings.

"I've bought myself an extra hour a day: more time to play with the kids, ride the paddle board and strum the guitar. Oh, and work. I'm definitely more productive," she writes. "The best thing? I feel like the real me, instead of a painted doll."

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H/T Mashable 


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