She Dances With Live Sharks To Make A Point. Message Received Loud And Clear.

She's not a mermaid, but she might be the next best thing.

They're in West End on Grand Bahama. Some people refer to the Bahamian town as the shark capital of the world.


Performance artist Hannah Fraser is going to dance underwater to show tiger sharks to be the intelligent, sentient animals they are.

She wants to challenge their one-dimensional, predatory portrayal by the media.

So a team of professionals documented her dancing and interacting with sharks, capturing their connection on film.

Safety first. They had to make sure the performer didn't look like a shiny, yummy fish. It took two and a half hours to spray on the makeup.

Then it was time to reveal the sharks' true nature.

Their interaction was beautiful.

The team's message is obviously not for everyone to go and hug a tiger shark — they're still wild animals. But the team IS hoping to inspire people to respect and protect them.

Even though sharks are a crucial part of our ecosystem, they are being killed at the alarming rate of 273 a year worldwide. 

Here are 6 reasons we should protect sharks.

Watch the captivating video below to see just how affectionate the sharks can be.


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