Watch Shaquille O'Neal Go Up Against Jimmy Fallon In A Lip Sync Battle For The Ages

Well, this is a first.

Jimmy Fallon is hosting The Tonight Show from Orlando this week to celebrate the opening of his new Universal Studios ride, and he made sure to schedule plenty of fun during his stay. Last night, for example, he recruited basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal for a round of Lip Sync Battle you won't soon forget.

It feels like forever since we've seen Lip Sync Battle in its original form. Since the spin-off premiered on Spike, it might be easy to forget that the concept started as one of our favorite Tonight Show games. Shaq already blew us away on the series last year, so it's no surprise that he has more than a few tricks up his sleeve for his battle against Fallon.

They start things off by mouthing along to songs like "Jump Around" and "My Prerogative," with a special appearance from Pitbull. But the competition really heats up when the host changes into an Ariana Grande-meets-John Legend costume to sing "Beauty and the Beast."


Things get really interesting for the grand finale, in which Shaq decides to debut a Lip Sync Battle first — a duet with his competitor. Fallon initially seems confused, but once he hears the song ("Don't Go Breaking My Heart"), he gets into it. We can't be positive, but we think this might also mark the first time one competitor has carried the other one in their arms during a song.

Check out all the fun in the video below:


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