Traffic Doesn't Phase Shaq As He Drops A Happy Birthday Freestyle For Kanye While Driving His Car

Shaq Fu: Da Return

Shaq is back with a hot new freestyle!


This time, Shaq Attack drops some bars off for Kanye West's birthday.

Here's a bit of the backstory as to how this hilarious and epic freestyle came about in the first place.

Ye' celebrated his 38th birthday over the weekend at the Staples Center with some friends for a East vs West game.

That's right. The Staples Center. Where the Los Angeles Lakers play.

His wife, Kim Kardashian, was the one responsible for pulling off this magnificent feat.

Unfortunately, Shaq was unable to make it to the party. So, instead, he decided to turn on Kanye's "Runaway" instrumental to drop off a Happy Birthday freestyle.

Perhaps the best part is when Shaq lets the chorus play out and screams "Happy Birthday Kanyeeee!!!!" over Ye's own vocal run.

We have no idea how he was able to flawlessly pull that off while in the middle of driving down what seems like a highway. The fact he was able to have a theme, a play over Kanye's famous song and didn't even skip a beat makes this even better.

We guess that's why he's Shaq and well, we're not. So unless your a 7' 0'' NBA Champion with a pedigree in rap, stay away from dropping a Happy Birthday freestyle off the dome while in the drivers seat.

Watch Shaq Fu heat it up below.

If that wasn't enough, Kim also installed a private basketball court at their home in California.

Maybe Ye' and Shaq can take a rain check and get their game on there some other time.

(Please invite us too!)


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