This Is Exactly Why It's So Important Never To Park Over The Blue Lines

"Even people with handicap plates don’t understand how important it is to not park on the blue/yellow lines."

Parking regulations are regulations for a reason — and one mother's reminding everyone why it's so important to follow them. 

A month ago, Shanna Mondy was leaving a doctor's appointment with her son when she noticed cars parked in the blue lines of a parking lot. In a post on Love What Matters, Mondy explains that her son, Cauy, was born with a brain bleed that led him to being diagnosed with Cerebral palsy and epilepsy. As a result, Cauy uses a wheelchair. 

"At the time of their birth and diagnosis, we had no clue the struggles and blessings we would encounter raising a child with special needs. [My husband] Rob and I made the decision that no matter what we would use Cauy's story as a blessing to others," Mondy writes, adding that they've used social media as a way to raise awareness for Cauy and his condition. 

"We have had many opportunities to educate, mentor, and serve others because of our willingness to be open about the struggles we encounter. We try our best to have a positive outlook and try to educate everyone instead of putting down or shaming people just because they just do not know."

So in this particular case in the parking lot, Mondy took a photo of Cauy having difficulty accessing his ramp to get into their car because cars were parked over the blue lines. 

"Even people with handicap plates don't understand how important it is to not park on the blue/yellow lines," Mondy wrote on Facebook. Mondy tells Love What Matters that this issue is one they face on a weekly basis. 


"After talking with many friends and family we noticed that many people just do not know what those lines are for," Mondy adds. "My intention with sharing this photo is to only raise awareness to the public and friends who might not know how important it is to watch the lines when parking next to a handicap spot."

Since sharing her photo, Mondy's post has been shared nearly 300 times. 

"This happened to my friend, and she had to wait for the lady to come out of the store. She said the lady acted like she didn't know what the lines meant," one person commented on the photo. Others said they've experienced similar situations.

Mondy also reminded people that she isn't mad, she just wants to raise awareness: "Thank you, everyone, for sharing this. I only posted this to help raise awareness for parking. I'm not mad about it it's just a daily struggle that I have to deal with."

Though Mondy's post was written a month ago, her message is just as important today. Hopefully, her photo helps remind people to be more conscious of their actions and continue helping those in need. 


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