Meghan Trainor's Rap Battle With 'Idol' Shania Twain Turned Unexpectedly Sweet

"You don't want trouble tonight, 'cause I'm all about that bass."

There are plenty of reasons to love the new rap battle between country legend Shania Twain and "All About That Bass" hitmaker Meghan Trainor on TBS' Drop the Mic. One reason is the fact that they donned sparkly robes with their names printed on the back. Another is the ease with which they worked each other's song lyrics into their good-natured burns.

But perhaps our favorite reason is that these two female vocalists simply couldn't keep their admiration for each other under wraps, making this battle the most unexpectedly sweet one we've ever seen on the show.


Trainor started things off by calling Twain "one of my idols," before clarifying that she thought the show "meant Dolly Parton." But by the end of the battle, it was clear she wasn't lying. That didn't stop her from throwing a few more jabs Twain's way, telling her, "My career just started, I've barely begun / When it comes to elevator music, you're still the one."

Twain had some zingers of her own, telling Trainor, "You don't want trouble tonight, 'cause I'm all about that bass."

It wasn't long, however, until the two women admitted their love for each other, culminating in not one, but two hugs. "I know we're battling to see who's meaner, but I love you so much, girl / I didn't want to do this either," Twain admitted to close things out.

Find out who was declared the winner in the video below:


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