Watch: This YouTube Star Just Came Out As Bisexual In A Heartfelt Video

"This is a really hard video for me to make."

Coming out to one's nearest and dearest is immensely brave, but to do so to millions of people must require a monumental amount of courage. That's exactly what one YouTube sensation did on Tuesday when coming out to his more than 6 million subscribers. Twenty-six-year-old YouTube star Shane Dawson came out as bisexual in an emotional 14-minute video that he posted on the website, as he revealed his sexuality and the emotional journey he experienced coming to terms with it.

Known for his brilliant parodies and biting humor, Dawson's coming out video, simply titled "I'm Bisexual," showed a different side to the versatile Internet personality. He talked about how confusing it was to be attracted to both sexes, conceding that it would have been easier to just be gay. Dawson also admitted that he didn't think he would ever make a coming out video, but he felt compelled to be honest to his fans:

This is a really hard video for me to make and I'm really scared and I never thought I would be making this ever. I woke up this morning and I just — I just had to. ... I just wanted to turn on my computer and talk to you guys 'cause that's what I have done since 2008, when I started this channel. I just want to be honest.


Dawson's video is the latest in a long line of YouTube stars coming out on the Internet.

After the Supreme Court voted to legalize gay marriage in June, YouTube released a compilation video of personalities who came out about their sexual orientations on the video-sharing website that included the site's own message, "We're proud to support those who inspire change and move us forward." 

Many companies have come out in support of gay rights after the Supreme Court decision and it's heartening to see that YouTube, a platform where many ordinary people have found fame in their own right, is among them.

Watch Dawson's coming out video here:


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