This Burn Survivor's Stunning Makeup Tutorials Show That Being Beautiful Inside Is What Matters The Most

Beauty inside and out.

YouTuber Shalom Nchom, who goes by Shalom Blac, isn't your average makeup guru. Her makeup skills are superb, of course...


But one can't help but feel inspired watching her videos. That's probably because Nchom survived a painful accident at age 9 that left burn scars all over her body, including her face — and to watch her videos is to watch a lesson in self-love and acceptance. 

When Nchom was a child, she was burned by hot oil while helping out at her family's store in Nigeria. The incident left her with severe burns on her head, face, shoulders, and hands. Nchom told A Plus that she would be bullied because of her burn scars, and the experience pushed her to search for ways to make them less noticeable. So she taught herself about makeup from YouTube's many tutorials.

"It made me realize that there isn't anyone with burn scars like mine to really learn from," she said. "I thought maybe I could start making my own videos to help others like me."

Nchom's recent "Power of Makeup" video, where she makes up half her face and leaves the other untouched, gained plenty of attention.

These type of videos are often popular, but Nchom's is particularly so. At the time of writing, the video was viewed more than 300,000 times. 

Nchom's videos not only showcase her incredible makeup skills...

They also have an added dose of inspiration.

Though her forté is makeup, Nchom also encourages her viewers to feel comfortable in their own skin. "I hope my videos help others understand that beauty isn't only how well you apply your makeup or by physical appearance, but by the way you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself in the inside you will glow on the outside and people do notice it," she said. 

"I believe my viewers responded very positively to my videos because they can relate in some form to accepting who you are by not letting what you lack define who you are or who you want to be in the future. My goal was to empower people through what I love to do which is makeup."


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