Watch A 6-Year-Old Offer Unconditional Love When She Discovers Her Dad Is Transgender

“Daddy is a her?”

Shalee Ellis proudly supported her partner, Mallory, when she came out as transgender several months ago. The Pennsylvania couple has been married for three years and they have two kids.

Together, the parents run a Facebook page called Shallory about the experiences of being a transgender parent.

"I am transgender. I am a parent. I am a person. I want to inspire. I wish to bring hope. Let me lift you up. I am Mallory, and you are beautiful," it says on the Shallory Facebook page. Fans of the page frequently comment with supportive words.

Shalee knew how much it would mean to Mallory if they had the support of their eldest daughter, 6-year-old Layla, as her partner makes the transition.

In January, Shalee took Layla out for ice cream to explain what her father was going through. Layla's reaction was beautifully positive, and Shalee posted the video to Facebook last week.

"As soon as I started talking, her reaction was so incredibly mature and impressive," Shalee told BuzzFeed News. "I instinctively had a mom moment and hit the record button to see if I could capture a tender moment to send to my wife, Mallory."

"Daddy doesn't feel happy as a boy, so we have decided to help Daddy become the person that his brain and his heart tell him that he really is," Shalee said to Layla in the video.

Layla asked, "Daddy is a her?"

Shalee confirmed to Layla that her father is a 'her' and Layla said, "It feels good." Layla then delivered a powerful message to her father.

"Daddy, I love you so much. Even though you're a 'her,' I still love you."


"This video proves that hatred is a learned trait," Shalee told BuzzFeed News. "And if we as adults can change the way we talk about individuals who identify as transgender, then we have an opportunity to take a bite out of transphobia and discrimination against trans people with the upbringing of a generation that loves their fellow man unconditionally — regardless of any physical descriptors."

The video also helps prove right a 2014 study that most transgender parents have positive relationships with their kids, including after coming out and transitioning.


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