9 Reasons Sexting Might Lead To More Satisfaction ... For Your Relationship

Sexting could be the norm.

Sexting has received a fair amount of criticism in the past, but a new study from the American Psychological Association suggests that sexting is incredibly popular (more than 80 percent of adults did it in the past year) and it might beneficial for a relationship.

While it should be noted that the sample size on the Internet platform was only 870 adults, predominantly female (57 percent) and white (80 percent), the results are still really incredible.

Here are 9 facts from this study that might make you look at sexting a little differently:


1. 87 percent of adults sexted in their lifetime, including 82 percent within the past year.

2. Nearly 96 percent of respondents conducted sexting from a cellphone.

3. Nearly 74 percent of people did sexting in committed relationships, versus 43 percent in casual relationships.

4. 76 percent of people did it at home; nearly 30 percent at work and other locations.

5. Results of sexting: higher levels of sexual satisfaction with people in committed or casual relationships, as opposed to single people.

6. Results of sexting: higher levels of relationship satisfaction, except for those in a "very committed" relationship because they are already satisfied.

7. Attitudes of sexting from the study were deemed "fun and carefree."

8. There is a significant interaction between sexting behavior and relationship commitment on relationship satisfaction.

9. There is a strong relationship between sexual satisfaction and sexting that requires more research.

(H/T: Dating Scams 101)

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