19 Disturbing Examples Of Sexism In Film That You Won't Believe

Lights, camera ... sexism.

While it's no secret that there are vast examples of inequality and sexism in Hollywood, it's a little different when you hear about gender bias directly from women who work in the industry. A Tumblr blog called Sh*t People Say To Women Directors, features real stories of gender discrimination as told by female filmmakers.

"This is for catharsis and to expose some of the absurd barriers women face in the entertainment business," it states on the blog description.

Here are 19 times female filmmakers faced disturbing sexism while simply doing their jobs:


1. She's tired of sexism.

2. You're kinda being a sexist here.

3. A double-standard?

4. What about the woman director?

5. That's just mean.

6. Being overlooked.

7. Unbelievable.

8. This is advice?

9. That's an insult.

10. These are crazy stereotypes.

11. Encouraging words.

12. The cruel things people say.

13. This is discrimination.

14. Making an assumption.

15. This is just crazy.

16. Can't believe this was in the competition description.

17. Some people don't get it.

18. Who's pretty?

19. This is just ridiculous.


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