People Are Standing Up To Call Out Sexist Ads In The Most Creative Way They Can


In January, Madonna Badger of Badger & Winters unveiled the #WomenNotObjects campaign to start a conversation about the objectification of women in advertising. The campaign's centerpiece was a viral video that shed light on the glorification of sexist advertisements.

Badger and her organization are now taking things a step further with a new Youtube video that connects the dots between the advertisements and the many ways that they harm women.

The video highlights how the media's unrealistic standards of female beauty combines with misogynistic advertising and results in some women going to extremes. To try to achieve these absurd levels of beauty, they might resort to teen cosmetic surgery, thigh gap awareness or the Kylie Jenner challenge. And the unrealistic standards are impacting young girls as well. Half of 3- to 6-year-old girls worry about their weight.

As if these consequences weren't dire enough, the video suggests that ads trivialize sexual assault, leading to real-world violence.

"This is not a theoretical discussion, it is one that is supported by scientific data," Badger wrote in a press release. "When companies objectify women in their advertising and content, they're teaching young girls, just as they are understanding their place in the world, that looks are more important than who you are, how you feel and what you can do. And young boys are getting the message that girls are to be judged on how they look — nothing more."


In the video, several people joined the campaign to stand up for the women in their lives.

And by posting the hashtag #IStandUp on social media, you can also join their campaign to end the objectification of women in media.


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