Nam is A Sex Worker In Thailand, But She Earns Most Of Her Money Not From Sex

The brutal reality.

10 million tourists travel to Thailand every year. Roughly 600,000 of them are males, and 70 percent out of those come to the country with a very specific goal... sex.


Meet Nam. She's one of hundreds of thousands of sex workers in Thailand.

Nam lives and works in Chiang Mai, a city in Northern Thailand, infamous for its sex industry. She makes her living as a sex worker. She wasn't trafficked, like many in the industry; this is the path she chose of her own accord.

Why on earth, you must be thinking? The answer is pretty simple, yet heartbreaking.

"She sees it as the best option financially for her and her family," explains Public Radio International.

The video below reveals exactly why. It breaks down the economics of a sex worker in Thailand and offers an intimate look into Nam's daily life.


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