Massive Sex Slave Sting Operation Frees Over 100 Children

A massive break through in the war on sex slavery.

Since 2003, the FBI's Innocence Lost program has rescued approximately 4,000 sexually exploited children. And this week, according to the F.B.I., they added another 149 to that list.

As part of a nationwide law enforcement conglomeration, Operation Cross Country was executed this week across several cities, including AtlantaClevelandDenver, JacksonvilleKnoxvilleLos AngelesPortlandSacramentoSeattle. The larger yearlong battle has been fought in over 135 cities.

In Jacksonville alone, police arrested 26 people in connection with a child sex trafficking ring. 

"Our mission is to protect the American people—especially our children—from harm," FBI Director James Comey said. "When kids are treated as a commodity in seedy hotels and on dark roadsides, we must rescue them from their nightmare and severely punish those responsible for that horror. We simply must continue to work with our partners to end the scourge of sex trafficking in our country."

Along with the 149 children who were rescued, there were 150 "pimps" also taken into custody, the F.B.I. said. Since the program began in 2003, an additional 2,000 pimps have been arrested. 

If you're interested in joining the fight against sex slavery, check out Project Rescue


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