7 Great Ways To Find Out Someone's Name If You Forgot It

Everyone should really wear name tags...

Maybe you weren't paying attention during the introduction. Maybe you were just too wrapped up in your own troubles to think about something as trivial as another person's name. 

The point is, you never bothered to commit it to memory. So here you are. Stuck. Is her name Rebecca? Stacey? Pretty much everyone's name is Ashely, so it's probably just Ashley. 

If you ever find yourself in this uncomfortable position, don't sweat it. Here are seven effective, fool-proof ways to relearn the name — and never forget it. 


1.) Ask them how they spell their name.

(Note: this could backfire if their name is Bob or Pam.)

2.) Take them to Starbucks.

At Starbucks, the barista will ask for their name and write it on the cup for your name-learning convenience. 

3.) Have them friend you on Facebook.

That way you can actually put a face to name. 

4.) Invite a friend to come meet him or her and then awkwardly stand there while they make their own damn intro.

But, seriously dude, pay attention this time. 

5.) Call them the wrong name and then be like, "Just kidding!"

There's a good chance they'll correct you and reveal their actual name. But, to be honest, they'll probably know you weren't kidding. 

6.) Take them to a nightclub or bar and have the bouncer report back with the name on the ID.

(Note: this only works if they are over the age of 21 because otherwise it might be a fake ID.) 

7.) Give them a “hello my name is” sticker...

...and be like, "Yo, wear this and fill it out." They might be confused but, to be honest, they'll probably still do it.


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