Settlers Of Brooklyn Is The Most Hilarious/Best Comment On Gentrification

There's a "longest brunch" card.

If you've ever played "Settlers of Catan," then chances are you are also a massive fan. Because who doesn't like a game that involves wheat and roads? 

But take that game to Brooklyn, and what do you get? "An award-winning game of entitlement, self-discovery, and brunch!" It's called: Settlers of Brooklyn.

In a satirical video by comedy group Above Average, we see a bunch of hipsters settling Brooklyn, knocking out current residents so they can build their houses, Urban Outfitters and gyms at will. Gentrification, at its finest. 

The video is hilarious as the players compete for cards like  the "longest brunch," but it's also (real talk) a poignant comment on what's currently happening in Brooklyn.  


Oh, and the winner gets crowned Lena Dunham, of course. 

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