Seth Rogen's Recent Tweets Prove Even Celebrities Get Embarrassed By Their Moms

It was simply too relatable.

Seth Rogen is proving you're never too old or too famous to be thoroughly embarrassed by your parents. When his mom Sandy Rogen tweeted an observation of sex on Wednesday, the actor's reaction went viral and was undoubtedly relatable to anyone whose own mom or dad has said the darndest thing in public.

It all started when Sandy shared a comparison between falling asleep after sex and Shavasana (or the "corpse pose") at the end of a yoga practice.


The comment soon got around to Seth, who had quite a colorful reaction to it, to say the least.

A brief tweet exchange then occurred between mother and son, as Sandy insisted it was just an "observation of life," and Seth responded with a classic "Whatever!!" which Sandy then mimicked. The back-and-forth probably looked familiar to anyone who was ever a teenager.

Some followers agreed with Seth that his mom's tweet was "gnarly," to which Sandy replied, "Lame!"

One user who was totally on Sandy's side, however, was fellow funny person Mindy Kaling, who tweeted at Seth telling him not to dissuade her. Seth admitted that was probably impossible anyway.

And just in case Wednesday's exchange wasn't enough to make you feel a little better about your own mom's cringeworthy antics, just remember that Sandy once got a temporary tattoo of Seth's face on her chest, to which the actor had a similar reaction.

Cover image via Instagram

(H/T: Mashable)


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