Seth Rogen And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Get A Kick Out Of Each Other's Rhymes On 'Drop The Mic'

"You're like Butthead and Beavis at the same time."

Friends and co-stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt stepped into the ring Sunday night for an entertaining rap battle on the TBS show Drop the Mic. The two actors may be pals in real life, but they didn't hold back in spitting a few clever disses back and forth — all in good fun, of course.

In fact, the two funny guys got quite a kick out of each other's burns. "I'm chubby, I'm balding, I'm lazy, I smoke pot," Rogen acknowledged after Gordon-Levitt roasted him for exactly those qualities. "So tell me, how am I a leading man and you're not?" The crowd went wild, and Gordon-Levitt couldn't help but smile.


"So, I listened to that verse like man, imagine that / He makes noises even more annoying than his laugh," Gordon-Levitt said later in retaliation, before doing a great imitation and comparing Rogen to "Butthead and Beavis at the same time."

But the real mic-drop moment — and even Rogen might agree — came when Gordon-Levitt declared, "That guy from Knocked Up just got knocked the fuck down." It makes us want to see another new movie from these two ASAP — and if the entire screenplay happens to rhyme, we won't complain.

Find out who won the battle in the video below:


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