Award Show Pro Ellen DeGeneres Puts Seth Meyers Through Hosting Boot Camp

He's ready for anything at the Golden Globes.

When it comes to hosting award shows, Ellen DeGeneres is an old pro. She's hosted the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Grammys — two times each. Although she's never emceed the Golden Globes, she took it upon herself to help this year's host Seth Meyers prepare for the big night.

Meyers admitted that it's a "difficult time" to be hosting an award show in Hollywood, adding, "I think that the biggest thing will just be hitting the right tone. But also, we don't want to ignore the things that have been happening this year, so we'll try to find that balance."


Considering Meyers already hosts a nightly talk show that tackles the news of the day with a balance of humor and seriousness, we have a feeling he'll do fine. But just to make sure he's ready for this Sunday's show, DeGeneres decided to put him through her own "award show host boot camp."

"Anything could go wrong," she explained. Strangely, the boot camp didn't include any teleprompter malfunctions or winner mix-ups. Instead, Meyers' practice run involved twerking, silly string, windswept leaves, and perhaps the most difficult task of all — applying lipstick without a mirror. 

See how Meyers fares in the video below:


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