Passersby Take Photos On Sets In The Street Created By Two Artists


Justin Bettman, a super talented photographer based in New York, has spent the last six months collecting discarded furniture around the city. You might assume that he simply has a massive apartment that needs to be furnished, but his efforts actually served a different purpose. All items collected were used for Justin's latest photo series titled "Set in the Street."

Together with set designer Gözde Eker, he created five public interactive art installations on the sidewalks of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The two artists built the sets in secret overnight, and always left behind a sign including the hashtag "#setinthestreet." This allowed passersby to shoot their own photos right there on the sidewalk and share them on their social media.

"While some sets have survived for more than a week and have been hashtagged by nearly 100 people, others were picked apart or removed altogether in a matter of hours," Bettman told A+. "There are no expectations for what happens to the sets once they are built, but that is part of the fun."

If you didn't know about Bettman and Eker's project, would you ever have believed these were shot on the street?


Passersby used the "#SetInTheStreet" hashtag to share their own photos from the sets.

If you liked these photos as much as we did,  check out Justin's website for more of his work. You can also follow him on Instagram right here. Be sure check out the hashtag #setinthestreet as well!

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