'Sesame Street' Parodies 'Stranger Things' And Teaches An Important Lesson About Sharing

"Me ate all the food in Snackside Down."

At this point, Sesame Street has parodied just about every pop culture phenomenon you could think of, from the Real Housewives franchise to this summer's "Despacito" craze. The show even put its own spin on Netflix series Orange is the New Black, so it was only a matter of time before Stranger Things got the same treatment.

Now that most fans have binged (and, in some cases, re-binged) the second installment of the '80s-set sci-fi series, Sesame Street has released its own version of the story, titled "Sharing Things." As usual, the clip teaches kids an important lesson — while entertaining their parents with winky references.


The story follows Cookie Monster, known here as the Cookiegorgon, as he ventures out of the Snackside Down and into the town of Hawkins on Halloween night, in search of more treats to eat. Along the way, he encounters everyone from Chief Jim Hopper (a bunny, obviously) to our favorite group of Ghostbusters — including Ernie and Grover as Dustin and Lucas, respectively.

In the end, the gang gets some help from Eleven to teach the Cookiegorgon the importance of sharing with others. Considering Sesame Street's love of counting, you might be able to guess what Millie Bobby Brown's beloved character looks like in this version. Bonus points for the Joyce muppet's Winona Ryder impression.

Check out "Sharing Things" below, but beware of a few spoilers:

(H/T: Nerdist)


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